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To provide a targeted talent attraction service at costs and timescales associated with traditional recruitment agencies.


To be the one-stop destination for attracting and representing the best talent within FMCG.


Trust, Transparency, Integrity, Partnership, Empowerment, Enjoyment, Results.

These are Our Vertex Values and they are ingrained in everything we do.





It’s a fact! The last 5 years has seen masses of activity and change due to new arrivals. Whilst exciting, the journey isn’t easy, especially in the early days when it comes to building the team to deliver your plans. We’ve got loads of experience here and can help with everything from advice on who to hire / when; how to build a compelling selling story to that all-important funding and affordability.  

A business on a journey is a rewarding place to work – we’ll partner with you to bust preconceived myths that size attracts talent and help you conceive your hiring plans to generate the maximum return. Culture, pace of progression and market wowing NPD are a few of the pulls but we’ll demonstrate how we’ve built targeted searches to hire those who can help you hit your plan 

Sure, we’ve moved past the days of the milkround ticket to the best corporate grad scheme, but there are huge career wins to be had in large scale operations. We’ll talk to you about how we’ve advised globals and no 1s on the best approach to bringing their careers story to life. Functional breadth, cross functional and international moves along with people scale are just a few we’ll highlight in a tailored approach to help you understand the market and how to get the best from it.  

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